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Our Mission

To provide educational institutions with solutions while giving back to schools and following eco-friendly procedures.


Become the leader is asset recovery and recycling for educational institutions.

Our DRIVE for success.

D - Drive :

R - Recycle :

I - Insure :

V - Vendor :

E - Environment :

Geeks Edu will sell your retired electronics and will donate 25% of proceeds to your school through the Geeks Edu Give Back Program.

Geeks Edu will help you remove your old electronics and will give them a second life while offering you the highest value for your retired product.

Geeks Edu will provide protection for your stock by offering several affordable insurance plans.

Geeks Edu will help you source like-new electronics by giving you access to the most competitive prices worldwide.

Geeks Edu is internationally recognized as a responsible recycler and follows eco-friendly procedures while recycling your old electronics.

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