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We Give Back

The students in the classroom today will be the future leaders of tomorrow. We are focused on contributing to the future by donating up to 25% of profits back to school districts. We will be offering grants, scholarships, and educational experiences for students.

Get Your Money Faster

We understand how important your time is and we are determined to make sure that you get your money back faster. When you choose us to help you sell your old devices you will be getting your money back in 30 days instead of 80 days on average from our competitors.

Large Inventory

We want to give your school district the options to purchase the perfect devices to suit your needs. Our company accomplishes this by having an extensive network of suppliers worldwide that allow us to have a large inventory of technology for you to choose from.

Proactive Help

After choosing our services we want to make sure you are always provided with exceptional service in a timely and professional manner. A dedicated account manager will be there for you to continuously make sure that all your needs are met. We also offer 24/7 around the clock support for your order from our customer service professionals.

All In One Solution

We are focused on being the all in one solution for your school district’s technology needs. We provide asset recovery on all your old devices and we source both new and classroom-ready pre-owned devices for your schools. Lastly, we provide insurance and accessories on all your devices to make sure that faculty and student’s devices are working at their best. Providing everything for your school district saves you time, money, and effort.

Environment Concious

Our company has been audited and tested to ensure that we follow strict environmental standards to help preserve the environment. We are responsible recyclers and we make sure that all your devices are wiped clean of sensitive information. We have a list of all our certifications with a description of what each one means on our “About us” page for your reference.

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